Make Your Media Buy a "Good Time"

Crunked, modern day slang for a good time, is the fundamental philosophy behind your national media buyer, Crunked Media Partners LLC. Our professionals have purchased national media for more than 30 years on behalf of clients that have included major movie studios, national real estate developers, and even national media firms.

We deliver the "goods", national print, national and regional television, online, even out of home, at prices other CMO's only have fantasies about. Reach 10 million tv viewers per night, nationwide, in prime access, for prices typically less than $2.00 CPM.

Plus, when you call at 1 am on a Wednesday night, to ask if your ad will be on when the late show goes off, we'll answer the phone and tell you. We work business hours, evenings, weekends, and holidays. You have our office number, our office address, and our cell numbers which ARE ANSWERED afterhours.

We make your media buy a good time by delivering the media you need to reach your population, at prices that you can easily afford. Crunked specializes in direct response placements, but we also handle branding placements as well.


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